The Sugagreen House is an intentional community located in Sugarhouse, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The intent for the Sugagreen House is:

  • Bio-intensive urban permaculture for people, plants and animals.
  • Living example of health & healing via ormus, gardening, yoga and meditation.
  • Life sciences center for making life more workable, manageable and enjoyable.

    The SugaDome is the model greenhouse for SwanZart.
    It was built in the backyard of the Sugagreen House in 2008.
    Contact us to schedule a visit.

    Click here to watch a spring 2009 video tour of the SugaDome.

    Click here to watch a spring 2009 video tour of the SugaDome.

    The SugaDome was built next to an existing basketball court. Polycarbonate siding is built tough to withstand basketballs. In the above photo the shed on the left is a chicken coop for creating raw eggs for smoothies. The shed on the right is for tools and storage.

    Behind the dome and the chicken coop is a perennial garden with heart shaped flower bed. The green area on the right is being converted to a vegetable garden as of March 2009. Photo taken July 12, 2008.

    Moving south is a hanging vineyard, herb saucer garden and more growing space with drip lines and support lattice. This photo was taken May 26, 2008.

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